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Teacher Training

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London Abacus Academy offers quick and step by step abacus teacher training course at a reasonable cost which is affordable to all. It has been prepared by the industry experts and the trainers & students are doing this course globally.
Due to growing awareness of Abacus and its life-long benefits for children, the demand for Online Abacus Training and Abacus Franchise is increasing all over the world. Hence, the growth potential in this field is tremendous. Teacher training for Abacus is not only easy but also very rewarding. It is available online and can be done easily in a short period of time. Upon completion, you can start teaching Abacus along with your current occupation since the classes are required to be conducted once a week, generally on weekends. It is Strongly recommended for  Individuals seeking part time or full-time career-option, Existing Coaching Centers, Tutors and teachers, Parents for teaching their own kids .
Teacher training for Abacus course is a Short term course, Easy to understand, Low cost and can be learnt online from home. These are the features which make it very desirable among all.

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Home-maker : Those who are willing to do some work from home.

Tutors : They can add this subject to teach students as this is very much in demand. For this course, they need to teach only once a week.

Teachers : They can learn it easy and open their own Abacus training center.

Part-time business seekers : This course is very beneficial if chosen a career option. It takes lesser time involvement as only weekly classes are given. Investment is very low.

Parents: Kids must learn Abacus but they can not learn it themselves. However, they can easily learn it with the help of their parents. It is an easy course which can be learned in a short period of time.



  • Anyone who loves teaching children can do this course.

  • Anyone willing to start earning and ready to invest approx. 60 hours in learning something new.

  • Note  You need not be an expert in Mathematics. With us, anyone can learn Abacus easily and effortlessly.

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  1. You can start Abacus classes from home  If you have space to accommodate around 10-12 children, you can start Abacus classes at your home. This is the most economical way to get started. You can get 10-12 students easily from your neighborhood once they get to know that you are an Abacus Trainer.

  2. You can open Abacus Training Center [Abacus Franchise]  If you are not interested in teaching at home, you may hire a space on a weekly basis in existing coaching institute, play school, etc. and start teaching. At such places, you would be able to accommodate more students.  London Abacus Academy franchisees do not need any prior technical experience to effectively operate a franchise. Our comprehensive initial training program includes engaging, in-depth, informative classes on all technical matters, Marketing, operations and technology. You will complete training with the confidence and knowledge necessary to succeed. The training sessions would be taken by our Certified Trainers having good experience.You and your trainer will work side-by-side working with employees, initiating marketing activities, and ensuring all of your Process is functioning properly prior to completing your first job.

  3. You can start taking home tuitions for Abacus  Many parents prefer to get their kids taught at home as they want more personalized services. And there are some parents who do not want to travel to pick and drop their kids if the Abacus center is at a distant place. In such cases demand for an Abacus Trainer who can give them personalized service arises. Home tuition for Abacus fetches a good hourly rate as it's not so easily available.  These classes can be held on weekdays also. Since, only one weekly class of 1-2 hours is given, one can easily teach 30-40 children on weekdays (if 8 children per day are taught and 5 days in a week are invested). Hence, by giving personalized coaching of Abacus to kids, you may earn handsome money.Abacus class is conducted for 2 hours in centers because the number of students are more but one hour is sufficient if the number of students are 1 to 3 in case of home tuition.

  4. Job as an Abacus teacher at institutes, schools, etc. Nowadays, many schools have started teaching abacus as a subject. Abacus teacher salary is pretty handsome. So, if you are interested in getting a job, you can easily find a job as an Abacus teacher in any school or educational institute near you.

  5. Addition of Abacus subject in your existing coaching center  If you are already running a coaching center, you already have invested in infrastructure and paying monthly fixed expenses, you can add Abacus learning to your curriculum easily without extra expenses. You can use your space on Sundays or Saturdays since these classes are conducted only on weekends, it will only add to your income.

  6. Teach your own child  Besides other advantages, this is one of the biggest advantages of learning Abacus. Once you become an Abacus trainer, you would be able to teach your own child more effectively than anyone else. You would be available for your child any time he or she faces a problem while learning.

  7. Source of good and regular income for a longer period of time Abacus Classes fee is generally higher than any other subjects and the duration of abacus course for Kids is 2 years unlike other hobby courses (such as handwriting, speed writing, art and craft, etc .) which are of very short duration. So, once a student enrols for Abacus course, he / she will not leave you before completing the course.

  8. Fast growth rate  Another good thing regarding this course is that children start performing mental calculation in the very first month itself which amazes their parents a lot. Such parents cannot stop themselves from praising their children in front of friends, relatives and neighbors. So this course gets recommendations very fast. Such a thing does not happen in any other subject. Gradually, the student base keeps on growing through word of mouth.

  9. Less Labor & Hard work involved  Unlike other subjects like, English, Math, Science, etc. which demand a lot of hard work from the teacher's side, Abacus coaching does not require that much hard work since the classes are conducted on a weekly basis. Hence all other days are free for you which helps you to maintain work and family balance along with extra income.

  10. Reputable and fulfilling profession  Teaching is a reputable profession. By teaching Abacus to kids, you help them become more focused, sharp and confident. Changes are visible in the very first month itself. When you see that children are doing mental calculations in just a small period, you get a feeling of fulfillment and achievement which gives greater joy than the joy of earning money.

  11. Be your own boss  By becoming an Abacus trainer, you get an opportunity to start your own business and run your own center. You may grow your student base as large as you can and earn as much as you can. All decisions would be yours.

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  1. Lowest Abacus teacher training fees

  2. Well planned online training program through small videos

  3. Effortless & Technology Assisted Learning for trainers

  4. Online practice worksheets to get expertise on the subject

  5. Door step service for all study material and Abacus tools required

  6. Marketing & Development support after course completion

  7. Inquiries coming from your area / region will be forwarded to you.

  8. Software to monitor your students' performance

  9. Software to regulate Speed ​​and Accuracy for every student

  10. Regular updates of all activities of the child to parents and trainer

  11. Regular interaction with trainers to understand and resolve their day to day queries

  12. You will always be able to get in touch with us via Telephone No. WhatsApp chats, emails, etc.

  13. Play way teaching Method for kids.

  14. Online software for Kids to learn the course effortlessly

  15. Regular competitions for kids

Online Workshop


Method of Online Abacus Training:  All the topics are explained with in online one to one class by one of our Senior Abacus Trainer. After the class, you would be given worksheet to practice the topic covered in the class.


Duration of the course:  If you invest 2 hours once in a week for class followed by 15 mins homework everyday, you will be able to complete the course in approx. 16 weeks. And if you invest more time, you can complete the course in shorter duration. Since this is a self-paced course, you may take as much time as your schedule allows.


Course content : Topics cover addition, subtraction, multiplication and division on Abacus and mentally. Topics related to other mathematical calculations are also covered. Open the link to know more about Abacus Course Contents

In case you face any problem: You can always reach out to us via email, phone, WhatsApp chats, etc. Therefore, you do not need to worry at all.

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Following are points which make this course more beneficial if done online.

  1. Learn at Home (Time and Money saver) - You need not go to any Abacus Institute. Thereby, you save time as well as transportation costs. Online program is always economical as compared to the fees charged at centers.

  2. Flexible timing (Choose your own time) - You may decide your own time to learn according to your convenience. However, classroom learning does not give this freedom.

  3. Learn on your Smart-phone with Internet connection - You can learn Abacus easily by zoom/MS Teams calls and completing online tests even on your smart-phone. Same can be done on a laptop or desktop computer also, however, it is most convenient to learn on smart-phones.

  4. Online practice worksheets - Practice makes a man perfect. Online worksheets are very useful for this course. Your sums are checked automatically. This is not possible in case you practice in printed worksheets.

  5. Customer Support (Facing any issue? Contact us.) - You are provided complete customer support. If you face any issue, you may leave us a message via chats, emails, etc. any time, and we'll revert back to you at earliest.

Graduation Day


After completion of Online Abacus Training, you will be provided certificates by Abacus Olympic Association (ISO 9001 Certified Co.)

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